It's Halloween! My favorite part of Halloween is making costumes. Awhile back (last winter?) my roommate, Sadie, gave me a black velvet gold sequined onesie costume piece. From there I had already set thoughts toward a showgirly theme. Somewhere along the way I got inspired by circus girl costumes and trapeze artists.

Then a friend forwarded me this link to zombie pinups, that I really love. Some of you know I have a sick affinity for all things zombified. Yeah, and I know zombies are totally en vogue right now what with all the zombie proms and what not. Really though. How would a circus performer become a zombie? An infected pack of performing lions and tigers of course! I went out and bought a big stuffed tiger and I'll sew on bloody dripping from mouth and claws. Then add fatal gashes to my face with makeup. When animals attack!

My friend Sally is going as a ringleader. Yesterday I worked on this coat I found at the Goodwill for her costume.

I took off all the tartan stuff and added some show-woman flare and a new collar. Can't wait to get dressed up tonight!