4-EVA and EVA

NYC thrifting, it's not like Oregon. I'm a thrify little devil. But every once and awhile I can muster up the sense to buy something I really love for prices I would rarely penny up for in Portland. I scoped this SWEET acrylic handled canvas cutiepie purse with "EVA" chiseled into it. Eva who? More like, pycho Marky Mark's chest in FEAR "Nicole 4-EVA"

(God! That movie freaked my mind. I can't believe I saw it in the theater. Uncomfortabs max).

Back to the purse. Ain't she a beaut??:


Icon: Kim Deal

I'm a sucker for ladies with longevity. Recently I watched LoudquietLoud a documentary about the Pixies. So many precious moments there. Kelley and Kim recording the Breeders on the tour bus while knitting! Discussing the alcohol content of non-alcholic beer! Kim's parents telling interviewers she needs to get on the road with the Pixies because she needs something to do besides make paper cut out snowflakes! Adorbs. I'm mega into Kim Deal. Not because I'm too nostalgic or mobidly fascinated with an older, sober, subdued version of an idol, but because she's really fighting the good fight to rock and roll 4-ever. Much much love to Kim Deal.

My mother wouldn't be too proud to know at age 15-16 used to loiter outside gas stations looking for a beer buyer singing, "We're just looking for ONE DIVINE BUYERRRRRR!" ahhhh, the days.

The Gateway Clog

I never thought in a million, trillion thought that I was a lady of the clog. While in Portland this summer I found the gateway drug of clogs at House of Vintage. Well, they aren't really cloggy, just wood veneer, and sick hardware strapping the single perf leather toe strap. But seriously, this is about as far down the clog path I was willing to go. These rigid soled honeys are surprisingly comfortable. I can do a whole mess of errands in the city no probs. The heavenly gates of clogdom opened, and I saw the light. Soon after I had the chance to process the epiphany.... the holy grail of clogs came unto me:

Aren't they obscene? Too red, too shiny, buckles insanely huge. I love them. I have an outfit in mind to summon up a Dutch school boy from the late 60's turned up a few notches (psychedlasized?). I can see it now complete with patent red backpack, culottes, a stripy blazer, a crisp button down shirt with oversized bow tie and knee sock. Or a smock. Omygod smocks. yum.