True Love Always

It's taking me awhile to process the loss of Alexander McQueen. It's just too much. A friend sent me this video. It really lightened my heart to see this.


Anais Mitchell's Hadestown + Alicia J. Rose , and me!

Awhile back I posted some teaser pics of promo shots for Anais Mitchell's upcoming album Hadestown. Time's come to release these beauts into the universe. I worked with pro photographer/amazing gal Ms. Alicia J. Rose yet again. This time I dabbled in a bit of everything: hair, make-up, wardrobe, styling, set design. I'm very pleased with our little collaboration. (big sigh...I sure do miss Portland)


Rita Ackermann : Sirens with Engines

I love Rita Ackermann. I love her because she recalls all that was romantic and nostalgic about the 90's -- in a sacred way. My network of friends and my atmosphere/community absorbed her art in a way that made it seem all ours. It's got to be the identification with the innocent siren, the naive doe in the midst of chaos. Strong emotional ties there. In my memory, the past 10 years' events have been about surviving insanity. (and now i'm glad to say, thriving-ish in insanity) I'm glad Rita Ackerman has the emotional antennae to detect for herself foremost, and offer her images for those who are hungry for evolution.

Here's some images from the new Purple. Totally worth reading cover to cover!

Mr. Zahm did an amazing interview with her. ANd hello!? a kick ass photo her in a Mark Fast mesh/crochet dress and patent Pam Hogg no heel shoes with none other than Ms. Lizzi Bougatsos (love). I had no idea how much Rita and Lizzi did together art/happening/performance art-wise.
Reading the interview reminded me of the casual story telling style I loved so much in old zines. That sort format really helps break down recent art history in basic digestible bits while shedding pretension. It's a way to recollect 'the way it was' bleeding into 'the way it is'. All together you see there's room for so much more art.

Yeah, so much more art. There's also a feature later in the same magazine with photos by Ackermann, words by Jeff Rian. It's a story about Marfa, TX, featuring her sewing on the hood of a car. So awesome....


Open Letter

I have something to say about Lohan on and IN the new Purple Magazine, as most of you might.

So the defense for Lohan appearing on the cover donning herself a martyr in Ann Demeulemeester (well played stylist):

"We chose Lindsay to model for us in spite of this hypocritical controversy because we appreciate her for who she is -- not just for her glamour, but because she's so sexy, she lives for nightlife, and she knows how to dress for the world that watches her. She's fearless, opinionated, and is maybe the sex icon of her generation. She's a talented actress with a skill honed from her 20 years in front of the camera, starting at age three.

We --Terry Richardson and I [Oliver Zahm]-- also love Lindsay because she incarnates the reality of glamour -- as much a realm of darkness as of light. She lives in two worlds, on and off the stage all day every day. On stage she's a trained veteran. Off stage she has to cope with an exaggereated solitude, out of the light, fending off success seekers, the paparazzi, the enticements of men (including her father), the rejections by women. And she has to deal with the problems of intoxication that stem from all of this -- those which ripen off stage in reaction to the intoxication of being on stage.

It's no wonder she empathizes with Marilyn Monroe, also a controversial actress of her time, a preeminent sexual icon with drug problems. With glamour comes both darkness and light. Think of Mariyln in The Misfits or Isabella Rossellini singing "Blue Velvet" in David Lynch classic of same name: a woman escaping madness, obsession, and her own private chaos to transfigure perfection and beauty herself."

pg. 64 Purple Fashion, Issue 13 Spring Summer 2010

I won't bother to picture Lohan, tear her apart or deconstruct this line of bullshit line by line.

I'll point out what they did right here.

About the only they got right here is the obsession media has on sucking the life force out of beautiful, young, troubled women. Calling it out is not escaping it, fellas. You didn't break down any walls here. This is blatant and disgusting exploitation of an obviously troubled young person in the media. The big reveal in the editorial is exposing the lack of her personal well being. (her body damage) And for that, I find it disgusting to hang gorgeous frocks on a body full of pain.

I wish her well.

But damn the proliferation of profiting from pain. Especially woman's pain.

In fashion, the bad comes with the good. And now on with the good...

Polka Daughter : Yayoi Kusama

She was more famous that Andy Warhol.

She made a heap of art in astronomical scales, rooms full covered ceiling to floor. She made PENIS chairs. Then she quit art and only did happenings (i guess it's performance art these days). Then she went nuts. In a nutshell, that's it her life. (which i should not dare to be so scant or dismissive of a more complicated life)

The thing is that Kusama is still creating art every day and she's in her 70's, almost 80's! There's nothing I love more than a woman with longevity and passion that spans decades. Guess the story is not old....but she's basically a forgotten pop artist in America although she's one of the most prolific. (hello!? white dudes always get written about in books and get documented in history, others???...notsomuch)

I learned about her after going to MOMA awhile back and seeing her art book on the shelf, Love Forever. Although I still haven't seen any of her work in person. I've become a life long lover of Kusama.
The fellas at Purple Magazine took two seconds from smokin' sherm and OD-ing on tits (i have more to say about this...) to come up for air on Yayoi Kusama. She got some exposure from photographer Chikashi Suzuki. Showing her in her studio in Comme des POLKA DOTS of course, just lovely.
Hope Kusama is making a come back...thinking she's about to come back into view. Saw t-shirts emblazoned with her image at Cynthia Rowley store in NY last week, too. Hope she gets some long due props.


Icon: Yoko Ono

I had the fortune of attending Yoko Ono's Dress Rehearsal performance at BAM Monday night. I swear, it's going to take me a year to process the whole show beginning to end. From the video montage retrospective of her life/work (I cried the whole time). If ever you wondered why this woman does what she's so clear. In the face of EVERYTHING the bastard world has to throw at her she's the ultimate optimist. I couldn't respect any one more. She devastates my heart with her tenacity and positive outlook. You could try to burn her at the stake and she'd offer you a hug. It's the complete re-version/visioning of DISARMAMENT.

Here's the rough outline of the show.
It both lightens and sinks my heart to see "WAR IS OVER...if you want it" lit on top of taxi cabs in New York in 2010.

Nothing's changed but the art still remains.

So there's this dress at the t-shirt booth, that's a mystery to me. Who designed it? What does it mean, man!!?

There's a reason this woman must open her mouth. for the pretty to come out.

There were lots of special guests. (including a sneaky Mark Ronson, I'm pretty sure, Scissor Sisters and Chimera) I know I should have loved Kim, Thurston and Yoko doing "Mulberry" best. But truths be told I loved Justin Bond's "What a Bastard the World Is" so so sososo much. So appropriate, campy, heart wrenching and awesome.

AND they played "Death of Samantha" live for the first time ever???!!

humor break: Bottoms are really at the bottom of everything. "Bottoms" on the bathroom you yoko.

And I know over time, and by complete cultural saturation of Lennon/Ono's "Give Peace a Chance" renders it totally cheezeballs. But I really don't care. I still think it's powerful to sing together and stand up--so there. (and singing together with this group was really fun and earnest).

Listen to this woman: "Stay healthy this year, and don't get too angry." .......okay, i'll try.


Friday Funday

To commence every Friday, I break from homework...and set out into the city. Today at school I made this:

This is schoooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll, one of the buildings I have construction classes in. These giant stuffed mushroom ottomans is where a lady like me noshes on her packed lunch.
Never noticed this awning until I stepped up to take the picture. Design students look so HAPPY under it.

5th Ave and 13th St. where all the schooling happens.
My favorite home cooked borscht. Ukrainian joint, Stage...(scratch out stomp marquee from you periphery, Stage left is where it's at boy)

$6.40 for a cup of borscht, kasha, buttered in house baked challah and a cup of tea. Perfect winter meal.

while waiting for my man, I wandered to a store, huh, heh? Offering free champies and art Ms. Rowley...yes please.
Cynthia Rowley/Gagosian Gallery collab, books editions posters prints design. i think they got their fingers in all the appropriate pies.
My favorit Yayoi Kusama t-shirt for $65. If nothing else but to testify her art and remember how awesome she is. Lookin' good Yayoi!
Damien Hurst! damn you! schmooshing the butterflies. I like.

you can't see anything here but this is essentially a cotton dress with a digital print of CR tassel extravaganza happening in her fall 2010 collection.

loving tassels! I'm thinking layers of tassels in leath-ah would be gorgeous.


School Girl: a vision quest

Watch the learning curve unfold my friends.
Finding my path:

This is what it looks like when your mind is blown by draping class by Luz Pascal.

Sewing on Sunday

Serger gets the best of me....

Chippin' out at Mood, boooyahhh!

Widow's Walk Lake Teaser Trailer

Sadly, I left the production as make up artist of the short film Widow's Walk Lake for adventures in the big city. But I left my trusty friend Rachel to take over. And I bet she's doing a beautiful job. The director, James Strayer and team pumped out a teaser trailer last month I haven't been able to share due to my insane new life/vision quest. BUT, don't fret my preciouses. Here's a look at the labors of my make up love this past summer.

Widow's Walk Lake teaser trailer from James Strayer on Vimeo.

Arctic Explorer Channel

Channeling some early 20th century Arctic explorers, fur collars, hoods, cowels, and big ass hat and 3 layers of wool leg warmers.

These dudes are 8 thousand times more badass than I will ever be weathering NY in the winter.