Does nostalgia mean your brain is dying?

If you would have told me I'd be doing this 15 years ago, I'd say you were bananas. Feeling nostalgia for the 90's today.
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Loved to Life and Death

Just returned from a week of ceremonies celebrating death and life. First a military funeral in El Paso, TX then a bar mitzvah in Pleasanton, CA. Me and the fella had a chance to escape the fam for the night to San Francisco to visit my great friends Ben and Jade.

After eating tons of pizza, bad chinese and nachos for 3 days I was dying for some hippy food. We wound up at a raw food joint,Cafe Gratitude. I loved it, bought their house made hot sauce and had a yummy shot "I am firey", I've been making at home ever since: noni, ginger, lemon, turmeric, cayenne, apple cider vinegar & agave..mmmmmm.

Consummately stylish, Jade was sporting a fierce crystal jewel on her tooth. "I want one!", I said immediately. Jade was on the horn in seconds flat arranging the bedazzling. Jade in a frenzy of texts and calls says, "Foxy is working an Edwardian costume ball. Costs $30 bucks and you have to wear a costume. But she said she'd do it in the alley."

When we arrived at the venue, skipped past the alleyway and walked in with the staff, up three flights of stairs to a goth-metal band playing on a stage set in hell. Foxy the talented young lady, brought her tooth bling kit for such occasions. Before you know it I'm plopped down in a make believe purgatory with a foxy lady rooting around my mouth.

...and TA-DA!

Also displaying their wares was Loved to Death, which is my new favorite thing. Love taxidermy, especially happy they use all the throw away bits in their pieces.

I bought a squirrel foot hair pin for $30.

The foot was handsomely packaged in a a mini coffin!