Bike Fashion Shoot

When writer Brett Glass asked me what fashion risks I take while riding, I said all of them. Which do you regret the most? Ironically, hair and make up. I don't give a shit. I'll ride with full make up and (although I just figured out to leave the mascara off until you get to your destination)--AND full hairpiece under my helmet. Extra padding I say!

I bought the scarf the male model is wearing from photog, Jason. They lady's British cycling Rapha silk scarf, while cute and apparently highly functional, is 50-freakin' euros. I'll stick with the local handmade goods until the time comes for my West coast bike tour. Then, watch out 3/4 Thermoroubaix Bib Shorts

This is typical summer-time riding gear for me. Wear minis and short dresses with crop leggings and it don't matter cuz the va-jay is covered, concealed from drive by panty sightings.