Chupacabre Tequila

I was gifted the sweetest bottle of Chamucos tequila for house sitting through SXSW and Spring break. The box and label are so folky-freaky with the winged demon with pop-out wings. Nice. They chose this bottle because it reminded them of me? I think that was it. Or they thought I would like it. I do. Thanks Ann! Mmmmmm....tequila.

It's got some pretty good booze reviews. Now all I need is a night of tacos.

My Favorite Smells

The Germans have it all figured out when it comes to skin care. Well, all of Europe really. Or, just not Americans is what I'm trying to say. Regulations are way stiffer against toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients. Yipee! No festering toxic zombies!

Weleda is my fave lotion, deodorant, skin cream, and face wash. Yeah, there's a little alcohol in it but...oh well. I'm in love with the smell of most of their products, especially, the wild rose. It's my smell stee-lo--smeeelo.

Not to be outdone, nature smells are also my fave next to Weleda. I like some musty hair and an appropriate amount of BO from the right person. My next fave scent next to uncleaniness is the scent of coconut. I'm crazy koo-koo for all things coconut. (see: coconut- milk, water, butter, cream and oil). I got a free sample of Sephora coconut cream body butter. It's the bomb dot com.

And, what? I'm a hippy. Yeah, yeah. My favorite perfume smell, hands down.

Don't Make Me Do It

Saw these Sam Edelman Studded wedges today on urbanoutfitters.com The solution to wanting to be sheathed in black and white all summer is aeration. I've decided that today. The heel has a faux Louis Viutton slit. I'm not that into slingbacks. I have no idea why, but with an open toe, height and the sling back:::wearing these should be something like catching a nice gust of wind while walking over an industrial bridge on a hot summer day. To buy or not to buy?


Screwed, Blued and Tattooed

Two things
1. I got a tattoo retouched/modified today. The classic heart+arrow sitch-e-ation. [Notice Francine blob on the bed-as always]

2. I got this in the mail today. Thanks for the gift. It's amazing. The glass broke in shipping but I took it in to get fixed today.

Relax peeps. It's found animal pieces (roadkill?) or parts not used by taxidermists. Here it is on my shelves of insanity.

from left to right: top row: T. McPherson Bubble Yucky Dunny, Qee and Junko Mizuno Qee, Loved to Death Curio Cabinet (behind cabinet) Two Ton Boa screenprinted 12", Marion Peck "I Cari Estini", Mark Ryden penant
second row: handmade party hat by Holly Stadler, Ryan's childhood teddy bear, World Gang drum breaks 7", X "white girl" 7", SG playing cards, 3-D glasses,
third row: painting of Sophia and two mix tapes by her, 3 Scorpion paper weights, 2 hair curios


One Hundred Tears in 24 Hours

Here's in celebration of 100 posts.

Herb and Dorothy

I want to see this movie so badly. About a married couple Dorothy (librarian) and Herb (postal carrier) who amassed one of the largest modern art collections in the world, in their tiny apartment. So inspiring:

Looks like their showing some of their collection at the Indianapolis Museum of Art until April 12th.

Gag Me with a Spoon

I went thrifting just across the border in Longview and Vancouver, WA yesterday. All day. Found these seven inches from my prepubescent days.


Fat Fancy Love

I'm a huge supporter of Fat Fancy, a plus size fashion forward boutique located right here in Portland. In fact, it's a couple blocks from my house in deliciously rehabbed basement (much like the set of Desperate Living) There is so much love and support going into this place. I align myself as ally by donating clothes. So far, I've been able to be their make up artist for two photo shoots. This one for Just Out (I know you can't see their makeup, trust me, it was RAD)

And this one for a Fat Fancy makeover contest winner for Portland Mercury MOD blog.

Help these fine ladies get a permanent store space by voting for them to receive a grant. Follow the link and register to vote.

SATURDAY, March, 28th
SUNDAY, March, 29th

12-5 pm
834 NE Emerson
(1 block S. of Killingsworth. 2.5 blocks East of MLK)

White Tiger Mighty Liger

What have I done. I bought these insane white tiger/zebra boots on a depressive whim. Not sure what I think about them other than they would be great house shoes. They are so comfortable and soft, they could easily replace slippers. A little over the top? Hmmm...never.


I Want to Go There

Yes please.

on ebay.

Spin a Web

Sandra Bucklund for Italian knitwear producer, Maglificio Miles is getting mad press, with total praise worthy peices. No Doubt. Rightfully so, these knit pieces are mind jarringly complex and the structure is just sick. I love the sculpture aspects and texture. I'm especially into folds and tire tread patterns. And the shoulders!

I'm mad for this macrame/knit dress. With some curves and a nude full body suit, sick sick.

Ride On, Girl. Ride On

So it's official, Marimo is rad. I asked her if she rides. After all, she's got the gear. She sent me these pics on her 50cc "Monkey" and "Ape" by Honda. What the what!? Awesome.


Tale of Langlitz Love from Across the Sea

Seems like many of my stories and projects are drawing to a close these days. Here's one of my favorites: a tale of love of leather in two countries. I found a BEAUTIFUL antique motorcycle Langlitz Leather jacket and pants from the 1950's last month and sold it online to a very rad lady named Marimo (coolest name ever. Look at these little guys eek! algae pets!) [[Sorry, Marimo if you are hating on the precious moss balls, I just love them]]

Today, Marimo sent me pictures of herself in her new leather! And it fits perfect. I'm soooooooo stoked on this cross continental exchange. It's brought together my three loves, vintage fashion, leather and Japan. Isn't this to die for cuteness? I mean cute as is this chick is rolling tough in some serious street armor.


I Killed a Zombie/I Love a Nude Suit

I had an unbelievable day at the Goodwill bins this weekend. I'm talking a hundred pounds of goodness. Here are the highlights with alterations.

First: an XL men's zombie prom shirt I changed into 3/4 sleeve, fitted woman's shirt. Here paired with leather shorts. Ahem, you have some red on you.

Here is a major surprise and my new love: the nude bodysuit. I'm assuming it's for theatrical purposes but, hey. I'm thinking I'll wear this under some scandalicousness. Including this leopard leotard I found. Here's some ideas:

Meowrowr! Channeling Jamie Lee Curtis:

Working out overdoing animal print (as usual):

Safe distance, there's a tiger underneath. I made this skirt today, beware:

The lady will have two tickets to the gun show.

Margiela Spats on 50 Cent Boots

You may recall a boot project I had going last week. These guys right here:

I finished the spats today. What do you think?

Yes, nude bodysuit and all:

These are the first spats/boot alterations I've ever done. I want to do more soon.


Final Saga of the White T-Shirt

Here's the XL plain white men's T-shirt from the Gap I rehashed to look like Obesity and Speed. I can't buy the real deal online yet so I made my own in the mean time. This is also a story about how radically you can alter a $2.99 t-shirt from Goodwill.

1. Sagged, tugged and ran knit to the shredded state.
2. Sewed side seems to make silhouette long and narrow.
3. Dyed with Rit dye, black. Took it out early to get splotchy grey.

Damn, I need to straighten my book shelf.


Lust for Life and Death

from top left to right : taxidermy coyote leg, opossum articulated tail bone, a raccoon heart, a coiled rat tail, a skunk paw, a turtle foot, an articulated partial skunk vertabrae, a pot bellied pig toe,a baby chick foot, a snake embryo wet specimen, and a partil fox mandible

I wantwantwant this sooooo bad from Loved to Death. What a sweet collection of oddities. aaawwwwweee, so adorable. (what's wrong with me?)


Ran into Andrea Crews today on facebook of all things. I followed the white rabbit into a computer wormhole of Art/Fashion/Activism/PerfomanceART. I'm so glad I did. If there is one disparate side of my obsession with fashion and styling it is placing fashion in a context of positive social change. Andrea Crews does such a great job show how to mend the fissures between indulgences and reality. By using recycled clothes and performance art and running her business as a partnership--very inspiring. I'm a life long fan starting today.

Very excited about the intersections in this kaleidoscopic video music/fashion/art/video. YESYESYES. Could this vid give Gareth Pugh+Ruth Hogben's AMAZING F/W 2009 vid a run for its money? hmmmm...different levels.

I'm buying one of her bags, like now.

Leather Universe

I'm really digging Raphael Young's shoe design, Especially the boots and booties on the left. In Dazed Digital he said, "leather is my universe", If that's true, put me in a spaceship and send me there.

Love his sketches...something to aspire to.


Icon- Patty Hearst

Patty Hearst is a unquestionably strong and resilient woman, Stokholm Syndrome and all. I love the whole package.

She makes a dungaree militia uniform look sick!

AND the peacoat, too. How did she do it? Connection between revolutionary action and crazy good innate fashion sense, yes I think so.

Thank the lord for the SLA, Patty's got a devilish sense of humor about her past and is a fantastic actor: See playing Tracy Lords' mother in Crybaby. Girl, you make me hot.

Keeping Busy to Stave My Mind

Keeping busy with projects today.
1. Continuing saga of the plain white t-shirt.

I sewed it to make it long and skinny, then dyed it with Black Rit dye. Most like Obesity and Speed's black shredded T:

2. New project: imitating the look of Margiela's sagging/folded leather boot with spats. I found the boots on the right at the Goodwill bins ($1). They are comfortable but I really don't like the aesthetic of narrow ankles.

I'm building ruffled leather spats to fasten on top of them. Here's the process in action, using a favorite (toxic!) product: Shoe Goo with a close second: clothes pins.

Using scraps of leather from roomie Sadie's leather skirt and a damaged leather coat.
Get back to you on the end result.


Lo-Fi Shoe Fetish Spy

Zana from Garbage dress posted this. LOVE it. Her shoes are kinda perfect and I'm now totally obsessed with Martin Margiela now. His shows are kookoo nutballs.

The cast in order of appearance:
Martin Margiela, IXOS, Martin Margiela, Martin Margiela, Veronique Branquinho, DIY for LURVE magazine shoot, Martin Margiela, Jeffrey Campbell, Jeffrey Campbell, Vintage, Paco Gil, Fiorentini + Baker, Frye, Report, Bottega Veneta, Vintage + DIY

I especially dig Martin Margiela's S/S 2009. I want to jump inside this world and stay there.

This is from Nathan's blog ArtThrob by Mudcole director/fetishist/artist (???). To me it's all about sick-sexy shoe voyeurism taken to another level. Like "I love it so much I want to smash it into a thousand pieces" kind of passion.

How's This for a Piece of Fried Gold?

Black+gold= yes please.

Dolce and Gabbana's Fall 09/Winter 10 makes me want to weep into my surrealistic pillow. All the B/W, gold and hot pink animal print AND polka dots (!) makes me swoon. Blanche Deveraux-Golden Girls butterfly shoulders and bows for miles. Campy, over the top and perfect. Exactly up my alley. I hope my 2010 will have some of this action:

And my favorite part? CLOSED TOED SHOES. I realized now that I am thirsty for closed toes these days.