Portland Mercury Forecast Photoshoot

Here are the pics from the Portland Mercury Fashion issue to highlight designers in the Forecast fashion show this Sunday. I did the hair and make up for the shoot. I think the pictures are pretty nice. It was cold, wet and rainy but I think there are some good spring shots here. That llama, Bandit in a party hat! Too adorable. The pieces here represent all local Portland designers with pieces (most one-of-a-kind) made in Portland.

Forecast is Sunday, April 26, at the Armory, 128 NW 11th, 8 pm, with emcee Wm. Steven Humphrey and DJ Beyonda. Tickets are $10-12.

I like this photo the best. C'mon! An outhouse and toilet paper! Jacket, Hunt & Gather; bralette and stockings, both Gatsby; teddy, Moth Love; wellies, editor’s own.

On Bandit: hat, Cloud Society. On Rachel: hat, Cloud Society; dress, Liza Rietz.

Tiara, Frocky Jack Morgan; dress, Kate Towers; umbrella, photographer’s own.

On Rachel: blouse and jumper, both Adam Arnold; socks and shoes, model’s own.

Shirt and belt, both Dust; necklace, Sword + Fern; slip and sandals, model’s own.


Saddle Me Up

I ordered a custom harness from Ms. Zana Garbage Dress. I picked an uncharacteristic color, brown with brass hardware. A black leather harness on me? I'd look like a dominatrix. Which isn't all bad except the general vibe I want to maintain is "approachable". Here's a few pictures from the my back yard jungle.

Maison Martin Margiela Madness

Oh here's the insane bag-appendage dress/shirt I bought the other day. Completed it with me Guccis and a piece. I love how absurd this dress is. It makes NO sense. It confuses me. I like to make up stories about what it is. A statement on consumerism? Sure. In the future will we be born with saddlebag appendages for our cellphonewalletkeysipod? The next step in evolution.


NYC O.H.W.O.W. Yr ASS is Killing Me

I feel like I've been drinking dirt juice and eating shit sandwiches for years now. Like an overfed house pet, I've had some good times, sure. But c'mon why oh why can't I just mosey to town and see this exhibit at ASS (Asia Song Society--clever guys, memorable too) with Leo Fitzpatrick n' friends. Why? Because, I still have a year to go and a total me revolution to undertake. Sonnofa...

Leo Fitzpatrick and what friends? Oh just...Rita Ackermann, Lizzi Bougatsos, Joe Bradley, Dan Colen, Tony Cox, Brian DeGraw, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Terence Koh, Andrew Kuo, Hanna Liden, Nate Lowman, Adam McEwen, Neckface, Agathe Snow, Dash Snow, Spencer Sweeney, Kon Trubkovich, and Fuck this Life.

I heart me some Jenna Jamison [despite Zombie Strippers, do over on that one]. Plus this exhibit seems to coincide with some research I've been doing for a friend who's moving to Miami. Miami?! Yeah, Miami. After the shock wore off, I did a little reading and found O.H.W.O.W. located there, an appendage of some pretty rad NYC art/music/club shit. I read about it in the Spring 09 issue of V magazine. [Enter crappy scan here--g-dang scanner i killlllu--clicky make bigger]

I have no idea what pieces will be at the gallery but here's a couple Ackermans to suck on.

When Things Get Outta Control pt. II

I've been out ebay trolling while I've been holed up with the plague. There's that one thing you are hoping to score and inevitably find. I'm kookoo nutballs for wacky Maison Martin Margiela S/S 09. Half of it is everyday unwearable, the styling out of hand! [full headed afro and nylon masked serial killer faces holy shnikes!] It's two cups of David Lynch and a pinch of WTF?


Antarctic Snow-pocylpse + Design Love

Antarctica. These pics are the inspiration to future art. Breathless.

If only I could get Sera of London to recreate this for a bathroom and put a jacuzzi in the middle. Or a tea room where everything's covered in crystally snow and white. Like this lace wallpaper that is so over the tip-top but I like it just the same. I'm totally envisioning snowdrift print everything inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing.

[Just added these]

ISO Perfect Wallet

It's taken me years and many wallets to find a wallet that is:

a) Functional. Must have perfect pockets and an accessible home for my ID [try a night out on the town with a unforgiving wallet dividers--you'll end up with receipts all over the bouncer. Or worse, a missing ATM card]
b) Heavy. the weight is important. long ago are the days of plastic Hello Kitty & Milky wallets. I want to feel the imposing presence of it.
c) Loaded with hardware.
D) Black. I'm pretty much set on having a black leather quilted wallet. Although I'd settle for faux alligator or stingray.

Here are my top three:


Marc Jacobs

Stingray wallet

Here's what I'm rockin' these days, a Faux alligator wallet with silver ornament hardware from Goodwill by Brigbton.


Llama in a Party Hat

Spoiler alert! I spent 4 hours on a bizarre hippy compound/commune with a llama and an alpaca. I guess the Shaky Hands played a show in the barn which is how the location was discovered by art director, Justin Morrison [who's an excellent animal wrangler!]. It's occupied by a lone tripped out hippy dude who's weathered 6 winters in the make shift apartment on the upper tier of the barn.

Here're some behind the scenes shots of the Portland Mercury fashion issue photo shoot directed by Ms. Marjorie Skinner. Photos by Tim Gunther and hair and make up by me!

The fashion issue comes out Thursday. I'll update when it's up on the Merc.

Hair Hopping Goodness

Here's my extraordinarily difficult to maintain hair-do. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the nice ladies who grew hair for me. I know my hair pieces don't grow on hair farms. So, thanks...whoever you are.

My New Home

I'd like to live in this box forever. Add some windows, transport it to the country and a sauna and I'm set for life!


Ready for Battle

OH! I am freaking for these tightssssssssss! So incredible. I've got to get a closer look at these? How do they work? What is it made of? What is going on!? Blowing my mind. Can I wear them?

Sent to via Too Many Tights email list today. They seem to be on top of some serious tight-action. Paint in Noir originally posted the with pics of designer Lequan Smith. Here are some other impressive pieces. Love the little black sparkly dress with bat spike (?) or vampiresque horns on the bodice. And it looks like sting ray skin!

Sometimes Things Get Outta Control

This is what happens when you get obsessed with a designer[Maison Martin Margiela] and find yourself out of the price point demographic. (that's how you say broke, yo) Welcome to my new MMM brown leather cuff $35 on ebay. Now if I could get Ms. Zana to make a matching harness. Spray some Chanel numero 5 on to erase the nasty cologne-y bologna smell and we're ready to roll.


Zombie in a Tuxedo

Here's my look today. custom designed high-waisted pleated skirt by me, DIY'd tuxedo Zombie shirt. [Going to watch America's Next Top Model tonight. I'm ready for the bloodshed.] (Gucci's not pictured). Also, new hair: bleach/blacked beehive.

Icon- Rita Ackermann

I first fell in love with Rita Ackermann like most punk kids in the 90's...1) the Thurston Moore Psychic Hearts album cover and 2) the Max Fish window [I have a pic somewhere I took ages ago--to post later]. Later on I discovered her band, Angelblood. Friends of mine swapped Ackermann-esque portraits and self portraits. Ackermann's "girls" just seem to infiltrate my aesthetic world--or perhaps it's just the age of nymphoid children with big girl problems. I don't know. In October, last year, I did go to see her exhibit at the Andrea Rosen gallery in New York titled "Nurses". Here's an article from Tokion Magazine Fall 2008 I finally scanned today. Enjoy! [Click for larger views]

And she's a goddamn snappy dresser,too.

All Nude Review

I've got to in on some of that neutral skin colored action. I'm digging the nude color with puce (or some other vulgar color) found here on facehunter(left). I bought this number wrap around on Etsy this morning (right).

Hoping to combine my safari jumper fantasy+hot messiness of this piece of work:

Somewhere in between we shall meet. Next up nude colored heels! Should be these Calvin Kleins cheese graters I saw on Geometric Sleep. Cheese graters?!

Paint the Town Purple

I'm just as pumped as anyone to voyeristically ogle the life of one Mr.Zahn from Purple Magazine. There is something for any fashion hungry man, woman and even child (as his oft pictured daughter Asia, is about as cute as they come). Even an old fuddy duddy like me can gawk. Me, who can't seem to [lately] relish peepy-tomming on international champagne soaked parties dripping with naked beautiful women. This year in Paris for fashion week brought out some of my favorite artists and writers. I mean how does this guy get to party with Rita Ackerman, Beth Ditto, Michelle Tea and Lagerfeld/Moss in a week's time. Mind boggling. Here's some yummy yummy pictures that make me wanna say, "OH NO you did NOT!" Does this guy even know what he's doing to me? Hurts so good.

Ms. Ackerman with a massive bottle of vodka. Mmmmmm. Yes, please.

Ms. Ditto rocking it the fuck out. No biggie, just changing the world as we know it at a Fendi party. Oh, and when I think Fendi-I think this all night long.

One of Ms. Tea's infamous tattoos. Face down. Hot.