Perfect Peacock

Finally found peacock tights!


Stormy Weather

On a day like today I want to cozy up like this:

How To Use Polyvore by aliveunwed

Punk Rock Yukata

It is SO not summer! It's snowing like a beast today, and I'm snug as a bug in my thick leopard robe with a space heater blasting my toes. So I reminisce on my summer past and remembered these punk rock yukata I saw in Tokyo.

I went into a shop, Tsukikageya in Harajuku (across from Condomania!)and spoke to this woman

using my remedial Japanese about her yukata. These light cotton summer robes are worn to festivals, in ryokan (hotels), to baths, or at night to bed. I'm not into chinoiserie in general, a term recognized as anything Asian-influenced, although it literally means "Chinese-esque". Borrowing dress from Asian cultures-specifically just doesn't translate well in my opinion. Perhaps this is why I did snatch one of these up at around $100 each (without obi sash).


Exene Cervenka from X has been my style icon since I was just a pup. Her irrefutable style has had a huge impact on everything from fashion, art and music. What is most exhilarating about her aesthetic is the DIY credo. From collages, the Original Sinners, poetry zines and even her semi-annual "garage sale" on ebay, I'm 100% interested in what Exene touches.

obsessed with this 7" cover

my favorite band of all time


Jewels x 3

Have I told you it's day 3 of a freeze-in here in Portland? Cabin fever makes fashion fever.

I have 3 fantasy rings, yet to be found:
1. A solid, heavy gold ring with white enamel for the fur, and red enamel for the blood of this creature:

Option 2: bloody paws wrapped around the finger. Can be worn together. I found this in a mall in Harajuku, Tokyo. It was about 300 smackers. I forgot to ask for the designer's name!
2.Lion head biting finger ring. This is a scarf/brooch ring:

But imagine the teeth wrapping around the top and bottom. I've seen it before. I'll keep my peepers peeping.
3. A ring like Kenneth Jay Lane pyramid stud ring but in mammoth ivory and a gold cap on top!
(see DSS jacket below)

Desperately Seeking

I love everything about the movie Desperately Seeking Susan. How brilliant is it they masterminded a pair of promotional boots and a jacket to accompany the fan frenzy cultivated by the movie? Pretty brilliant.

Love the boots that look eerily similar to Louboutin's studded ankle boot:

Or am I right?

Also, I would consider enduring some form of torture or minor infection for the freaky Mason pyramid eye jacket:

And Sonic Youth/Ciccone Youth's take on Get Into the Groove

Fantasy Boot

For the life of me I cannot find a pair of the most perfect boots I saw a lady in a shop wearing. It was about a year ago in a crowded little antique mall filled with stuffy West Hills moms and one woman with the raddest boots ever. I'm still on the prowl and about 150 ebay searches later, I'm still empty handed. But I did find a pair from an unsuspecting LA designer Calleen Cadero.

And can I just say, most are hideous. But out of nowhere these popped up:

I love the leather buckling in on itself but just want it more exaggerated and hanging off the shoe itself. Like a leather cowel neck for your foot.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Love these shoes::::from Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Carried by Stand Up Comedy in Portland
811 E Burnside Ste 119

Watch out for the shoot I'm doing for Adam Arnold some time next month.


Cut Piece

This is Yoko Ono's Cut Piece from 1964:

About half way through you can see Yoko's breathing heavily. Her face is so vulnerable and in the moment. She's fucking fierce.


I can't get this out of my head

Phil Collins. No, not that Phil Collins.

This plagues my dreams. I first saw this on Nathan's blog, art throb and I can't stop thinking about this woman. This is from Phil Collin's video installation "the world won't listen" It's also launched me into like 5 Smiths freakouts.

I think this installation has only been at the Dallas Museum of Art earlier this year. I wish I could see it.

Cairn Master

Andy Goldsworthy

I picked this video only because it showed a lot of his work edited together. Interviews with him are pretty great, too. This song's real good. Who does it?



I'm light as a feather, okay?

I here thus start a series of videos of artists I adore. First installment.

Sorry I can't embed this one