Chanel Sasquatch

OM-to-the-MFing G. Lagerfeld's lost it in the best way ever. The king of fashion (in my kingdom) has gone to another astral plain of super-rad by creating a high fallutin' lady sasquatch. (you may recall mentioning Allyson Mitchell's fake fun fur sculpture installation Ladies Sasquatch...uhhhh I'm just sayin' Coincidence? No, eff it. In my mind, Lagerfeld's got the secret direct line to radical lesbian feminist art and politics. See you at the feminist lesbian haunted house in Toronto come October, KARL!)

I'm on a roll here with winter wear. Fake fun fur suits, giant sweaters and blankets. This is a magical triad. I think I'm sufficiently psyched for Spring and fully ready for winter at the same time. Is that weird?

And I'm sorry but what in the world is happening here?! Is that a full on freaking crystal knuckle sheath. My mind is exploding.


Sweater Dressing, amen.

The companion to blanket dressing would be, sweater dressing, of course! Gi-normous knits are gonna rule my planet as soon as summer's over with. Here's three of my favorite sweater jams. Prada featuring HEAD-to-TOE knit, and never mind about the michelin lady look, it's fine these days. Just cinch it in the middle and we're good. Yohji Yamamoto basically stole the sweater look for me. Any time there's a killer style, if you make it in jumper form--it wins automatically. MMM is owning it with the most giant cable knit I've ever seen in my life. Granted, this is more of a sweater vest-cape than a whole sweater ensemble. Isn't it the case that the close of all great eras ends with GIANTISM? Hello? Giant sloths much? Oh well, good run for Margiela. Hope things don't get too weird over there after Martin left the team, or what ever phantom presence he represented. Godspeed MMM.


Blanket Dressing, ya heard?!

Boi-oi-oing! Something is going on here at Wunderkind. African tribalism aside, I DIG these striped wool blankets as coats. Between sweater dressing head-to-toe (post to come) and now coined, blanket dressing, I've got next year's F/W wardrobe hammered out thankyouverymuch. Gold mask shoes? Oh heeeeellllllssss yes. I'm pretty sure those are bifurcated (maybe)goat booties. And I say yes to them, too.
(yikes, sorry so small, click to make big....secrets: i need to go to special ed computer class)

I'm thinking Pendelton's Glacier Park blanket (my fave) needs a little coat blanket lovin'. When I visit home, I LIVE under this blanket and covet it. I think I'll take my love to a whole new level and wear it. Embellish it with leather details and fringe, and BOOYAH maxim comfort zone.

Dearest Wunderkind,

I will one day work with you, IN you and NEXT to you. MANIFESTMANIFESTMENIFEST.

As Gentle as L.A.M.

This ensemble speaks volumes....

'nuf said. true love always, Lee Alexander McQueen.

p.s. I hope Diesel doesn't fuck up your steez.


That's Ms. Saint, if You're Nasty

The veneration of Ms. Ditto in the fashion world is probably the best thing/interesting phenomenon that's happened in a long while. The discussion of homo/fat politics in fashion is pretty much nil. And even when it's called out [V Magazine 2010] lacks serious weight. But, hey, you can't change the world in a day. I love about designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Gareth Pugh, and Jean Charles Castelbajac. They are canonizing Ditto as style icon. While the message may get lost in the media shuffle, no matter what the lyrics and politics still live strong in her art. And I hope they stay out there. No consumer factory can take that away.

photo props to THEMISSHAPES twatter feed from JD de Castelbajac show.

I spied Ms. Ditto on ye olde talking about Viktor & Rolf. I love the right of passage idea. But then again...I like to think of Kristen "the older model" like the mother of the alien horde of fledgling maximum shouldered babies.


Slice Me Up Some of that Papoose Gold

I really need a denim papoose. Tao's F/W 2010 rtw totally vibing my new aesthetic, 80's-mid 90's Southwestern Earth Mother with PIZAZZ. I'd add some gold on there, maybe some turqouis beads? Add a patchwork sweater under there and some hiking boots, now we're talkin'.

Collecting old denim pants for DIY papoose

Allyson Mitchell's Hungry Purse

My lovely friend, Marne Lucas asked me to collaborate with her again. She met Canadian installation artist extraordinaire Allyson Mitchell at the opening of "Visible Vagina" at the David Nolan Gallery. They hit it off and planned to do an artist portrait session inside Allyson's installation, "Hungry Purse: The Vagina Dentata in Late Capitalism". Marne called me up to contribute a little style, make up, hair wrangling action. (uh, yeah, mention 'vagina and 'capitalism' in the same sentence you best believe I'm in).

Turns out Marne, Allyson and I are all kindred feminist artist ladies with a whole lot of silly mixed up in there. Allyson reconfirmed my love for Canada and their support of artists. She was just about to depart back from a 6 month residency. So glad I got a chance to meet her. (slick pics to's some teaser shots)

I got my first chance to work with a faux mustache. Here's Allyson looking mega hot in a black poly zip up pantsuit. I think channeling a little Burt Reynolds meets Deep Lez. I MUST get a poly pantsuit. 1st functional, then flattering and so easy! With the zip down front, to boob...or not to boob. hot.

Here's a detail of the throne and stuffed pink antelope (?) heads. When asked by a gallery-goer, "What are those?" Allyson replied, "Some weird fallopian tube head things." Ahh...yes. Perfect.

I'm in love with her pink animal creations...cute little nippled minxes. Neon creatures in the woods. Here's some more from her catalog of Ladies Sasquatch.

Detail of ceiling, collected doilies, afghans knitted into one massive construction.

Marne hard at work, and her special skill--balancing atop crookedy ladders while capturing beautiful images. Notice entrance and urethra afghan. (never thought I'd write those two words together)

If you're in NY the Visible Vagina exhibition runs through March 20th. Go see it, you won't regret it!

They'll Never Show You How to Be Free