Jewels x 3

Have I told you it's day 3 of a freeze-in here in Portland? Cabin fever makes fashion fever.

I have 3 fantasy rings, yet to be found:
1. A solid, heavy gold ring with white enamel for the fur, and red enamel for the blood of this creature:

Option 2: bloody paws wrapped around the finger. Can be worn together. I found this in a mall in Harajuku, Tokyo. It was about 300 smackers. I forgot to ask for the designer's name!
2.Lion head biting finger ring. This is a scarf/brooch ring:

But imagine the teeth wrapping around the top and bottom. I've seen it before. I'll keep my peepers peeping.
3. A ring like Kenneth Jay Lane pyramid stud ring but in mammoth ivory and a gold cap on top!
(see DSS jacket below)

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