Future Traveller: Art School

WOOOOWEEEEE!!!! I got accepted to Parsons!

uuuuhhh, yeah. woah. Spring 2010, February 1st. That's soon. No words can capture the excitement/fear/exasperation. I can't believe the overwhelming mix of emotions. Some days everything seems to fall into place cosmically. Other days it seems like the worst idea I've ever had. My friend Natasha says my doubts prove I'm sane. I hope so. I'm fulfilling a childhood dream to go to a fancy art school, in New York. (all cynical art school analysis aside) And I finally did it! I waited, worked, plotted and schemed to make this happen. It's been 9 long, treacherous and beautiful years here in Portland. I'm ready to loosen the ties and hunker down for some hard work. Now on with the task of uprooting one life and planting another. I'll be keeping up on posts, leaving a digital trail. This is gonna be a wild ride, Mr. Toad.
Above is a collage I made depicted the ideal woman I would design for. The interspace, transcendental time and world traveler. Trippy!

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josh said...

Congratulations, that's a huge achievement!! Lot's to be done between now and really soon!!