What it Feels Like to Be Your Own Mom

So it's out. I'm changing life mid-stream. A BIG new, different unforeseen future awaits. It's kinda like being born again. At this age. NOW. The future is soooo 2010. The year even looks cool, 2010 and it IS cool. (or it will be...) With all this future-trippin' I've been freakin' on I culled this idea that we can make our dreams come true at any point in time. New, old, beat, broke or ruined. Perception is everything. And with that I set out make and be (?) my own mom.

First I made a basic nude bodysuit that is my dream come true. (sans belly flub portion in the front). I've petitioned Mr. Black Milk to make me a fancy nude suit to wear under scantily clad numbers. Double-take worthy, What-the-what? Is that lady naked?

I was going for realisim here. Flapjacks. It would have been great to get my special effects department to implant some milk sacks in here with exit holes. The showstopper: squirting milk in my own mouth. Next year?
First of all how inspiring is this? Vagina Dentate purse! That's some future shit. And to think of my rudimentary clothe vag. I've come so far...and there's some much further to go.
I got the idea for the head from local designer Adam Arnold's creepy embroidered and make-upped panty-hose masks he made for a show a few years back. Panty-hose faces are just the grossest! (in a good way). I embroidered the eyes, nose and mouth and added color with make up.

Here's mom all hypo-birthed out. She's more like a zenned out Earth Mother type. It's a wonder she gave birth to a weirdo like me. Jazz hands, mom! Jazz hands! The hands are basically stuffed custom gloves. If I have more time I would have added fingernails.
Prepare yourself: what you are about to see looks a llllllittle to real, maybe? Big thanks to my BF Darrin for shaving his head and donating his locks of love to my mom's vag. Thinking back, I essentially made my first mirken. That's a real milestone.

And here we are again. My little family. LOVE YOU MOM!

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