4-EVA and EVA

NYC thrifting, it's not like Oregon. I'm a thrify little devil. But every once and awhile I can muster up the sense to buy something I really love for prices I would rarely penny up for in Portland. I scoped this SWEET acrylic handled canvas cutiepie purse with "EVA" chiseled into it. Eva who? More like, pycho Marky Mark's chest in FEAR "Nicole 4-EVA"

(God! That movie freaked my mind. I can't believe I saw it in the theater. Uncomfortabs max).

Back to the purse. Ain't she a beaut??:


Anup Sadi said...

Idea is full of mixture,the day, buying,everything juxtaposed.

Anonymous said...

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mimi said...

I like.

Okay I'm watching that movie.

His abs convinced me.

Who's Eva?


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