Icon: Kim Deal

I'm a sucker for ladies with longevity. Recently I watched LoudquietLoud a documentary about the Pixies. So many precious moments there. Kelley and Kim recording the Breeders on the tour bus while knitting! Discussing the alcohol content of non-alcholic beer! Kim's parents telling interviewers she needs to get on the road with the Pixies because she needs something to do besides make paper cut out snowflakes! Adorbs. I'm mega into Kim Deal. Not because I'm too nostalgic or mobidly fascinated with an older, sober, subdued version of an idol, but because she's really fighting the good fight to rock and roll 4-ever. Much much love to Kim Deal.

My mother wouldn't be too proud to know at age 15-16 used to loiter outside gas stations looking for a beer buyer singing, "We're just looking for ONE DIVINE BUYERRRRRR!" ahhhh, the days.


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