Polka Daughter : Yayoi Kusama

She was more famous that Andy Warhol.

She made a heap of art in astronomical scales, rooms full covered ceiling to floor. She made PENIS chairs. Then she quit art and only did happenings (i guess it's performance art these days). Then she went nuts. In a nutshell, that's it her life. (which i should not dare to be so scant or dismissive of a more complicated life)

The thing is that Kusama is still creating art every day and she's in her 70's, almost 80's! There's nothing I love more than a woman with longevity and passion that spans decades. Guess the story is not old....but she's basically a forgotten pop artist in America although she's one of the most prolific. (hello!? white dudes always get written about in books and get documented in history, others???...notsomuch)

I learned about her after going to MOMA awhile back and seeing her art book on the shelf, Love Forever. Although I still haven't seen any of her work in person. I've become a life long lover of Kusama.
The fellas at Purple Magazine took two seconds from smokin' sherm and OD-ing on tits (i have more to say about this...) to come up for air on Yayoi Kusama. She got some exposure from photographer Chikashi Suzuki. Showing her in her studio in Comme des POLKA DOTS of course, just lovely.
Hope Kusama is making a come back...thinking she's about to come back into view. Saw t-shirts emblazoned with her image at Cynthia Rowley store in NY last week, too. Hope she gets some long due props.

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