Friday Funday

To commence every Friday, I break from homework...and set out into the city. Today at school I made this:

This is schoooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll, one of the buildings I have construction classes in. These giant stuffed mushroom ottomans is where a lady like me noshes on her packed lunch.
Never noticed this awning until I stepped up to take the picture. Design students look so HAPPY under it.

5th Ave and 13th St. where all the schooling happens.
My favorite home cooked borscht. Ukrainian joint, Stage...(scratch out stomp marquee from you periphery, Stage left is where it's at boy)

$6.40 for a cup of borscht, kasha, buttered in house baked challah and a cup of tea. Perfect winter meal.

while waiting for my man, I wandered to a store, huh, heh? Offering free champies and art Ms. Rowley...yes please.
Cynthia Rowley/Gagosian Gallery collab, books editions posters prints design. i think they got their fingers in all the appropriate pies.
My favorit Yayoi Kusama t-shirt for $65. If nothing else but to testify her art and remember how awesome she is. Lookin' good Yayoi!
Damien Hurst! damn you! schmooshing the butterflies. I like.

you can't see anything here but this is essentially a cotton dress with a digital print of CR tassel extravaganza happening in her fall 2010 collection.

loving tassels! I'm thinking layers of tassels in leath-ah would be gorgeous.

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