Rita Ackermann : Sirens with Engines

I love Rita Ackermann. I love her because she recalls all that was romantic and nostalgic about the 90's -- in a sacred way. My network of friends and my atmosphere/community absorbed her art in a way that made it seem all ours. It's got to be the identification with the innocent siren, the naive doe in the midst of chaos. Strong emotional ties there. In my memory, the past 10 years' events have been about surviving insanity. (and now i'm glad to say, thriving-ish in insanity) I'm glad Rita Ackerman has the emotional antennae to detect for herself foremost, and offer her images for those who are hungry for evolution.

Here's some images from the new Purple. Totally worth reading cover to cover!

Mr. Zahm did an amazing interview with her. ANd hello!? a kick ass photo her in a Mark Fast mesh/crochet dress and patent Pam Hogg no heel shoes with none other than Ms. Lizzi Bougatsos (love). I had no idea how much Rita and Lizzi did together art/happening/performance art-wise.
Reading the interview reminded me of the casual story telling style I loved so much in old zines. That sort format really helps break down recent art history in basic digestible bits while shedding pretension. It's a way to recollect 'the way it was' bleeding into 'the way it is'. All together you see there's room for so much more art.

Yeah, so much more art. There's also a feature later in the same magazine with photos by Ackermann, words by Jeff Rian. It's a story about Marfa, TX, featuring her sewing on the hood of a car. So awesome....

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