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It's only a blog, man.

I got this nutty idea to start a regular ol' blog after journaling every single boring detail of a 'cleanse'. Nobody will ever read it, I hope. Who gives a crap about my BMs, ya know. In short the blog turned out to be a chronicle of poop, food and anxiety.

Then I read "Dear Diary" and lurked around and found Lesley Arfin's blog. I guess, I figure she's a lady of some reasonable amount of thought and creativity with an edge of integrity. There's no shame in blogging. It's silly and fun. Besides, I'm looking to fill up more of my time with writing in any form. I'm reaching out to find some other method to communicate. I'm looking for other ways to spend my time besides indulging in my second puberty. Pube-Two is basically learning how to be a functioning adult instead of hovering around like an overgrown angst ridden teenager working at a late twenties depress-o-thon. But hey! I am 100% for teen angst, don't get me wrong. I just don't think it's a place to unpack and build house. Forward moves.

I've been pretty adamant my whole freakin' life about paper and pen--journals, jottings, drawings, writing, pictures being tangible. I was an English major in school and a journaler from way back. I'll say this once and only once--there is something missing from this format, soul. That being what it is, fuggetabouttit it. Blogging is DIY and it's self publishing so, fuck it. Different is better sometimes.

So it begins.

Tonight I'm mega pumped about going to see Kids in the Hall!

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