I took a train from Portland to Mount Vernon, WA. It's about 260 miles of some really beautious scenery. I've got the industrial trainhopping view:

And the pastoral:

They played "Some Like it Hot" with Jack Lemon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe on the train. That movie's fucking brilliant. But the real capper was overhearing the married-since-Jesus-was born couple talking about their sex life! I fer-serious always wanted to know if old married people still had sex. Mystery solved:

This scene comes on where Marilyn is throwing herself at Tony Curtis, practically eating his face. He's playing hard-to-get.

Then this lady:

Says, "She's kind of like me. I mean that's kind of like us."

And this dude:

Says complete dead-pan, "Huh, Whaddya talkin' about, Marion?"

And then she's all, "You know like me and you. I must have learned from her."
He's like, "Yeah, you must have."


P.S. The man with the hipster plaid shirt on was 3-sheets trying to pick up on the wife.

Overheard Hipster Plaid Man say to the husband: "I left Belllingham when I was 18, so I don't know any Garys. I think all the Garys I know had a stroke. That was a long time ago. Guess I better get a drink. It's been a long dry day."

And the husband is all body-languaged out saying, "dude, shut the fuck up and stop trying to mack on my woman".

Old people pick up lines include:

1. Where you went to school/and or grew up
2. Who owned the properties in said surrounding areas and the development in those areas.
3. Family name and other people you know with the same last name.
4. Possible cousins you might have in common.

Dem's fightin' words, pal!

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