Hot Folk Opera -- Hadestown by Anais Mitchell

Anais Mitchell came through town a couple days on tour. I got together with Alicia J. Rose again to collaborate on photo ideas. This time around I did sets, wardrobe, styling, hair and make up. Serious heavy lifting in the name of a great picture. Anais wrote and performed Hadestown, a folk/rock opera, coming out soon. Think Tom Waits and Nina Simone meets Greek Tragedy. Here are a couple teaser shots I took. I'll post more when they're edited and ready for the world.

It was a really nasty day out the day of the shoot. We opted to shoot indoors for the most part at Mississippi Studios.

Here's Anais in a dress designed locally with refurbbed fabrics by Urchin sold at Flutter. You can't see here yet but a pink dress with spandex leggings and knee high boot = ballerina badass.

This is my favorite look with an ascot and brass buttoned vest. Bye-bye cutie, hello toughy.

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Anonymous said...

This project is very provacative and exciting. The french new wave film Black Orpheus by Marcel Camus is evoked in the best way.