Paint the Town Purple

I'm just as pumped as anyone to voyeristically ogle the life of one Mr.Zahn from Purple Magazine. There is something for any fashion hungry man, woman and even child (as his oft pictured daughter Asia, is about as cute as they come). Even an old fuddy duddy like me can gawk. Me, who can't seem to [lately] relish peepy-tomming on international champagne soaked parties dripping with naked beautiful women. This year in Paris for fashion week brought out some of my favorite artists and writers. I mean how does this guy get to party with Rita Ackerman, Beth Ditto, Michelle Tea and Lagerfeld/Moss in a week's time. Mind boggling. Here's some yummy yummy pictures that make me wanna say, "OH NO you did NOT!" Does this guy even know what he's doing to me? Hurts so good.

Ms. Ackerman with a massive bottle of vodka. Mmmmmm. Yes, please.

Ms. Ditto rocking it the fuck out. No biggie, just changing the world as we know it at a Fendi party. Oh, and when I think Fendi-I think this all night long.

One of Ms. Tea's infamous tattoos. Face down. Hot.

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