ISO Perfect Wallet

It's taken me years and many wallets to find a wallet that is:

a) Functional. Must have perfect pockets and an accessible home for my ID [try a night out on the town with a unforgiving wallet dividers--you'll end up with receipts all over the bouncer. Or worse, a missing ATM card]
b) Heavy. the weight is important. long ago are the days of plastic Hello Kitty & Milky wallets. I want to feel the imposing presence of it.
c) Loaded with hardware.
D) Black. I'm pretty much set on having a black leather quilted wallet. Although I'd settle for faux alligator or stingray.

Here are my top three:


Marc Jacobs

Stingray wallet

Here's what I'm rockin' these days, a Faux alligator wallet with silver ornament hardware from Goodwill by Brigbton.

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