Beloved Jumper Re-Animated

This blue canvas jumper has been a staple the past hmmmmm... four summers. It's light, short, cotton and cool. I usually paired it with a white crocheted undershirt and tall boots. Alas, this jumper has run its course. It was handmade to begin with--maybe from the 70's and most likely for a 12-15 year old girl. (As my measurements are actually that of a 13 year old size size 12 fit model with a larger chest, aka I'm short/petite with some curves as they say). But the jumper rode up in the crotch and had a sun bleached left hand side, having been stored for years in direct sunlight. I let out the chest a 1/4 inch but still felt bound a al Yentel. The buckles are purely cosmetic and the straps not nearly long enough.

Ever since I bought the jumper in 2005/6? at Goodwill, I assumed I'd take it apart and make a new one. Time has come to do just so. I deconstructed it and made modifications to the pieces. Next up, I think I'll cut the pattern out of paper. In our insane basement full of scraps upon scraps of material, I found a nice piece of light weight denim. Dare I? Denim on a home sewing machine? Let's see...

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