Icon- Rita Ackermann

I first fell in love with Rita Ackermann like most punk kids in the 90's...1) the Thurston Moore Psychic Hearts album cover and 2) the Max Fish window [I have a pic somewhere I took ages ago--to post later]. Later on I discovered her band, Angelblood. Friends of mine swapped Ackermann-esque portraits and self portraits. Ackermann's "girls" just seem to infiltrate my aesthetic world--or perhaps it's just the age of nymphoid children with big girl problems. I don't know. In October, last year, I did go to see her exhibit at the Andrea Rosen gallery in New York titled "Nurses". Here's an article from Tokion Magazine Fall 2008 I finally scanned today. Enjoy! [Click for larger views]

And she's a goddamn snappy dresser,too.