Antarctic Snow-pocylpse + Design Love

Antarctica. These pics are the inspiration to future art. Breathless.

If only I could get Sera of London to recreate this for a bathroom and put a jacuzzi in the middle. Or a tea room where everything's covered in crystally snow and white. Like this lace wallpaper that is so over the tip-top but I like it just the same. I'm totally envisioning snowdrift print everything inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing.

[Just added these]


Sadie Rose said...

wow. where are those from?

Kristin said...

sadie, my first little boyfriend from kindergarten who lives and works in antarctica posted them on facebook. so rad!

Kristin said...

So I found out that this is an apartment workers can rent for a night to party, have dinner, etc that's not in the dorms at McMurdo. During a 3 day storm a window broke. When they wen to survey the damage, they found it like this. An indoor snow drift.