Sweater Dressing, amen.

The companion to blanket dressing would be, sweater dressing, of course! Gi-normous knits are gonna rule my planet as soon as summer's over with. Here's three of my favorite sweater jams. Prada featuring HEAD-to-TOE knit, and never mind about the michelin lady look, it's fine these days. Just cinch it in the middle and we're good. Yohji Yamamoto basically stole the sweater look for me. Any time there's a killer style, if you make it in jumper form--it wins automatically. MMM is owning it with the most giant cable knit I've ever seen in my life. Granted, this is more of a sweater vest-cape than a whole sweater ensemble. Isn't it the case that the close of all great eras ends with GIANTISM? Hello? Giant sloths much? Oh well, good run for Margiela. Hope things don't get too weird over there after Martin left the team, or what ever phantom presence he represented. Godspeed MMM.

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