That's Ms. Saint, if You're Nasty

The veneration of Ms. Ditto in the fashion world is probably the best thing/interesting phenomenon that's happened in a long while. The discussion of homo/fat politics in fashion is pretty much nil. And even when it's called out [V Magazine 2010] lacks serious weight. But, hey, you can't change the world in a day. I love about designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Gareth Pugh, and Jean Charles Castelbajac. They are canonizing Ditto as style icon. While the message may get lost in the media shuffle, no matter what the lyrics and politics still live strong in her art. And I hope they stay out there. No consumer factory can take that away.

photo props to THEMISSHAPES twatter feed from JD de Castelbajac show.

I spied Ms. Ditto on ye olde style.com talking about Viktor & Rolf. I love the right of passage idea. But then again...I like to think of Kristen "the older model" like the mother of the alien horde of fledgling maximum shouldered babies.

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