Chanel Sasquatch

OM-to-the-MFing G. Lagerfeld's lost it in the best way ever. The king of fashion (in my kingdom) has gone to another astral plain of super-rad by creating a high fallutin' lady sasquatch. (you may recall mentioning Allyson Mitchell's fake fun fur sculpture installation Ladies Sasquatch...uhhhh I'm just sayin' Coincidence? No, eff it. In my mind, Lagerfeld's got the secret direct line to radical lesbian feminist art and politics. See you at the feminist lesbian haunted house in Toronto come October, KARL!)

I'm on a roll here with winter wear. Fake fun fur suits, giant sweaters and blankets. This is a magical triad. I think I'm sufficiently psyched for Spring and fully ready for winter at the same time. Is that weird?

And I'm sorry but what in the world is happening here?! Is that a full on freaking crystal knuckle sheath. My mind is exploding.


Anup Sadi said...

Not only beautiful, more than that.

Anonymous said...

Summer hasnt even started and you are already thinking about winter! -- your stlye is offbeat in a really interesting sort of way and we love seeing the cool unique posts that you have. I also love fur sweaters and if I had the space, money and right place to live, I would want 30 different styles and colors hanging in my closet!
Cant wait to see what your next posts are!

C + S!

vogue-sky said...

stunning,love it,love it…the fashion is just so awesome,love the images…love your blog xo

burun estetigi said...

Nyc dress for winter ... keep posting these type of blogs...
Burun Esteti─či