Blanket Dressing, ya heard?!

Boi-oi-oing! Something is going on here at Wunderkind. African tribalism aside, I DIG these striped wool blankets as coats. Between sweater dressing head-to-toe (post to come) and now coined, blanket dressing, I've got next year's F/W wardrobe hammered out thankyouverymuch. Gold mask shoes? Oh heeeeellllllssss yes. I'm pretty sure those are bifurcated (maybe)goat booties. And I say yes to them, too.
(yikes, sorry so small, click to make big....secrets: i need to go to special ed computer class)

I'm thinking Pendelton's Glacier Park blanket (my fave) needs a little coat blanket lovin'. When I visit home, I LIVE under this blanket and covet it. I think I'll take my love to a whole new level and wear it. Embellish it with leather details and fringe, and BOOYAH maxim comfort zone.

Dearest Wunderkind,

I will one day work with you, IN you and NEXT to you. MANIFESTMANIFESTMENIFEST.

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