Armour-all Tatas

My super good friend Rachel (above with me) came to me with this dress idea a few weeks ago. First, she wants in in leather which I neither have the equipment (yet) or practice doing. She's got a leather guy and just needs to work out the pattern. For practice and the pure challenge of the idea, I agreed. It's very interesting to sit with someone and hammer out and idea, get supplies and notions and make it happen. We started with a few sketches and I jumped in working on the components.

This is a more defined picture with lines and ideas pounded out a little better.

Here is a picture of the prototype in muslin. You can see the lines and structure. Theres lots of boning and an underwire here. Watch out! Lady's got dangerous curves.

Then just so that we'd have a wearable piece, Rachel is following my pattern and making an identical copy in the most amazing fabric.

Very Thierry Mugler, no?

The woman at The Mill End fabric said another woman came in got just as excited as we did about it. Rolling down the fabric aisles laughing our butts off at the absurdity. How funny if Rachel wears out this little number and catches a whiff of a lady in a matching dress! Instant cat fight...or....spontaneous dance partners?

When we're done with this dress, I'll hand over the prototype and the pattern to the leather construction man. It's funny to think I'm making a blueprint in fabric to be followed by silky green leather. Here's to making this work!

Rachel and I worked on a Native American princess pin-up shoot together in September. I'm really hoping to get my hands on some finished photos by the wonderful Marne Lucas. Until then, here's our little monkey faces together again.

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