Widow's Walk Lake

I signed on mid-summer to do make up on Widow's Walk Lake. A local short film by the peeps at Overthought and Late Bloomer Productions. It's been an incredible opportunity to work with local talent. As always, I'm fascinated by the film making process. I love seeing it all come together. Here's a little animatic trailer to get you inspired:

The primary location in Portland, a breathtaking old mansion sold originally for $15, 000, dang!

Creepy search party scene filmed in Hood River, OR. When I see this many extras, I think, that's a lot of make uppin' to do. Whew!

Working with Kristen Behlings, hair extraordinaire on lead actress, Greta Pauley for the picnic scene.

Outside the castle-like house on Garfield and Alberta in Portland.
Gorgeous parlor we shot most of the interior shots in. The set design team really transformed this space.

Here I am making up Max Records. It was really a highlight to hear about Where the Wild Things Are, the costumes, and filming in Australia. SOOOO looking forward to seeing it. The trailer gives me chills every time. Here's a great interview with ex-Screamer/production designer KK Barrett by Ms. Aubree Bernier-Clarke, who ruled it on the Golden and Green video I worked on this summer.

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