Builders and the Butchers "Golden and Green"

Director/Photographer Alicia J. Rose signed me on as makeup lady for her second music video for Builders and Butchers' "Golden and Green". This is my first makeup gig for music video or film project (excluding some pretty gnar college films by friends). I found my nirvana, swear to you. There's nothing I love more than working with a strong group of talented women and guys. Team Awesome, indeed. Portland has a powerhouse of talent. I feel so lucky to have worked with the guys from Builders and the Butchers' breath taking video. ..chilllllls...

All pictures by Brandon Hafer:
The guys standing together in full make up and wardrobe outside of the barn in White Salmon, WA.
Dirty Harvey by the pond.

Rachel Hightower helping dirty up Harvey's hands.
Ooh! Creepy Ryan Solee taking on the role of bad guy.

I met the two raddest ladies on the shoot Nicole (left, wardrobe) and Rachel (right, stylist). Here we are being team awesome. We're friends for life fer ser 4 evs. LOVE THEM!

Ray with a shotgun outside the barn. Ruthless.

He'll peer into your soul!
I'm now an expert on under eye circles and dirt.

Alex looking fierce with that waxed stache and scar. Hell yeah.
Busy, busy me. Elbows deep in Ben Nye's Death Wheel and black pigment.

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Dong said...

must have been heaven!