Beloved Vivian Girls

I was hooked after read the treatment by Alicia J. Rose for "Golden and Green". HOOKED! The description of the video was a magical melding of two sources Wisconsin Death Trip and my undying favorite outsider artist Henry Darger. My mind pretty much melted right then and there.
= Hearts coming out of my eyes!

I was so excited to work on this project and come up with a creepy/scary/cute/otherworldly look for the ladies cast as the Vivian Girls. Here's the evolution in pictures:

This is David Scott "Wig Master" trimming Shayla's wig.

Wardrobe mistress, Nicole Cook making the finishing touches on the magenta bows.
Wig on a wig.

Gymnasts Uli and Miranda of Portland's Kazum stay limber between shooting.

Working on Flannery.

Nicole and I get to work...

...and lounge.

My olde timey picture of the ladies.
Rachel and I talk shop.

Two pictures above by Alicia J. Rose. Other photos by Brandon Hafer.

This is just a testament to how hard these girls worked on this video. These champs really powered through. We started calling their days "ballerina bootcamp". fierce.

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