Tall Order

Early in the Summer I was asked to do make up and hair by photographer, Jason Kinney for writer Arianne Cohen. Who's she you ask? None other than a really tall lady who wrote a kick ass book about being tall. That's who. Simply titled "The Tall Book" offers good social advice small or tall. I think my favorite is, when in doubt in an awkward encounter, be the first to hug. It will diffuse the tension and establish the dynamic as open and friendly. (that's not a direct quote, but you get the idea). While tall people are bugged constantly about their height and shorties (like me) aren't, it gives me pause to think of tall activism.

Here's my makeup/hair jobby job on Ms. Cohen.

Did you know there's a special shop just for tall ladies?! It's called Tall Girl (durh). Arianne sported their wears. Lookin' fine, mighty fine. Another hidden talent of Arianne, sex advice. She started writing Sex Diaries in the New York Magazine. In short, Arianne's got the dish on everything from being tall, sex advice and even DIY home projects. P.S. Can't wait to read about the last of craigslist 'adult' listing foray. Juicy, juicy.

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