Bins Wins

The Goodwill bins is a sty and I'm like a pig in heaven there, routing around elbow deep in other people's junk. And I've been feeling extra binsy lately. Despite having several bins-related panic attacks, I still return wanting that next fix. I've come up with some pretty good methods for tuning out the chaos. My mantra: "There's enough stuff for everyone. There is enough stuff for everyone."

from top clockwise: 1. 40's double breasted, ruffled waist shirt, 2. 70's black leather bow bag, 3. wool pom-pom hat, 3. black bandana and extra long black metal eyelet belt, 4. sleeveless white eyelet shirt. The for the whole shebang, maybe $3-5

I guess I got a thing for black and white now. I'm in search of a really excellent houndstooth suit. I'm so driven on the B/W thing lately, I splurged at House of Vintage where I rent space and sell my finds. Here' what I got today.

1. Antique crocheted 1/2 sleeve sweater with glass buttons ($12), 2. 50's feather head piece by Maxine Harris (a milliner)($20), and something I'm hella stoked on: a 50's intricate ribbon stitch and embroidery bolero mini-coat ($17).

This month I also found a Le Creuset skillet in orange ($3). I collect Le Creuset in red. But it was cool to find this because I've been wanting to invest in a set of skillets but didn't know how they perform next to the standard cast iron I use everyday. So far so good!

This was probably the best bins find I've ever had. A Le Creuset 9 qt. french oven ($5).

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