Hit the Jacket-pot

After much anticipation, I went to Langlitz Leather company this morning to find out more about my leather. As soon as the counter-person set eyes on it, he had a smile from ear to ear.

One by one the Langlitz staff came to check out my jacket reeling at the fact I'd found it at a thrift store. (Oh, and I bought it in Washington [where sales tax is applicable] but used my Oregon state ID to forfeit paying tax)Cheap!

The staff was so great and helpful. He told me about the details of the jacket (Crown zipper, green label, horsehide, etc.) and dated it for me. I spent half the weekend online dying to find out more information. It really helped to confirm my suspicions. Of course it'd make sense to keep it, it's my size and it's GORGEOUS! But, I think there is a special someone who'll like it better than I. Someone who loves motorcycles and will wear it regularly. Keep an eye out for this bad boy on ebay. It should be quite a ride!

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