Dawn of the Living Dead + 8===D

There's no doubt, I'm a huge zombie movie fan. I'm obsessed. In extended conversation, I'll most likely bring up zombies once--maybe twice, more likely five times. Somehow everything seems related to the living dead. But perhaps it's my lingering punk rock/goth ethic that makes me really think about the morbidity of it all.

Jules and Darrin started a new project to come out later next month on imputor? records whose namesake recalls a part of the human body, 8===D. The boys expressed interest in remaking/deconstructing 70's and 80's zombie scores with heavy, heavy scary stuff. Like these delayed and tripped out zombie voices from Dawn of the Dead.

And this classic Italian remake of the of the movie by director Dario Argento and the score by Goblin.

Rad! I want to help. I think they need a little (.)(.) with their 8===D

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