Meat Artitsts

All this talk of leather has me thinking about meat. It's amazing the relationships humans have with preserved animal skins.

My fella bought me the new Art in America for Valentine's Day. I wanted to read about the cover artist Elizabeth Peyton. And I super love the somber Sid Vicious on the cover. I'd hang that painting in my house no problem.

I ran across the artist Heide Hatry (great name, btw).

I was just staring at this image in the magazine trying to figure out what it was, what was it made of? So I looked her up and found tons of great images of what you might call a meat retrospective. This is from her artist statement: "In my recent work, my primary material is fresh, untreated pigskin. I discovered that I responded intensely to its feel, smell, and the deeply corporal overall sensation it engenders. I find its effect in sculptural work as well as in photographs uniquely "human."

Here are a few that really got me from the meat artists I've found from the curatorial "Meat After Meat Joy".

Carolee Schneemann from Meat Joy

Adam Brandejs

Simone Racheli

Although Mark Ryden wasn't included in this group of meat artists. I suppose because he is extremely contemporary. I'd like to add this piece--Angel of Meat.

One last thought from Mark Ryden from his newest book "The Tree Show" I purchased this month. The breakdown of tree vs. animal.

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