Black on Black on Black

I'm really into reading The writer, Jen is pretty prolific writing for 4 (or more?) blogs churning out all kids of finds. Gnarlitude is so focused on her personal style and the I don't give-a-fuckness of fashion I'm all for. She introduced me to black with bleach distress markings ala 80's acid wash, made rad again by Alexander Wang, Ksubi, and American Apparel.

At the bins I found a heinous maxi skirt about 5 sizes too big with some Hawaiian themed embroidery on the trim. But the acid-washy bleach streaks on the fabric inspired me to hack it up and make two new pieces.

Mini skirt I can't wait to wear this summer.

I made a scarf out of the rest. I'll take pics as soon it's out of the wash.

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