Thrift Heaven Valentines Day

My fella and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to the coast Friday the 13th. We decided to go to Astoria, OR (yes, Oregon--I get confused) and ate at the cheesily named but delicious Baked Alaska. Then we didn't go too far before we found a hotel that accepts dogs, kind of a mistake. It was a dump. Next time we sneak Johnny in to a fancy place. Best part was hotel TV: Cosby Show marathon. HEY-OH!

After waking up with cricked necks and smelling like smoke (in a non-smoking room?)we set out to explore Astoria and it's surrounding parts. wasn't going to leave without (finally) seeing the Goonies House. Mission accomplished.

There's a constant stream of people walking up the drive to this house. I suppose if you wanted to make a Goonies/Israeli statement that's cool.

That's Data's house.
We headed home and hit every thrift store on the way back to Portland, including the thrift mecca of Longview. There's like 6 thrift stores in a row in the downtown area. I started taking picture of every thrift store and was really into the thrift store as political messageboard. See?

MLK + unicorn (a super good omen). The woman behind the counter told me that she too had a dream. It was to open a thrift shop. She keeps the picture to remind her of the importance of having a dream.

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