Eat Your Makeup

Yeah, I have a little makeup issue. A hording thing, I don't know. Call it whatever. All I know is I'm packing enough junk in this case to afford a Yugo or a trip to Spain. Minorly twisted for sure.

It turns out I wasn't quite prepared to do a photo shoot with a male model for the cover of the Portland Mercury's Sex Issue. Off I went to figure out how to make a man hot and radiant. I found 4 products I'm very stoked on (and only 1 of them MAC, crazy!)

1. Make Up Forever's Concealer Pallete for mixing and matching for different skin tones. I so didn't have products for darker skin tones.

2. MAC Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep for contouring all shades. The counterperson told me this product is the most popular with male clients. Had to snatch it up. p.s. I've used it everyday since and I'm at least 2 shades lighter. Looks great on cheeks!

3. Bare Essentials Bare Mineral Starter Kit. Okay, I usually never go this direction. Light, airy, healthy. I'm usually a spackle and paste kind of gal coming out of the "accentuate the negative" John Water's school of makeup. But, hey they want me to make the models look healthy and radiant instead of skeezy. Can do. It turns out I love this shit:

4. Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil. This must be a photographer's secret because he whipped out a bottle of the stuff and was like, "Rub 'em down". And sure 'nough I was elbow deep slathering the models in baby oil, head to toe. Needless to say, I felt a special connection with both models after we were done with the session. They looked fabulous.

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