Final Saga of the White T-Shirt

Here's the XL plain white men's T-shirt from the Gap I rehashed to look like Obesity and Speed. I can't buy the real deal online yet so I made my own in the mean time. This is also a story about how radically you can alter a $2.99 t-shirt from Goodwill.

1. Sagged, tugged and ran knit to the shredded state.
2. Sewed side seems to make silhouette long and narrow.
3. Dyed with Rit dye, black. Took it out early to get splotchy grey.

Damn, I need to straighten my book shelf.


josh said...


DRWiener said...

Beautifully Shredded, on a shreddingly Beautiful Woman with so many great things to share!

Sadie Rose said...

it's funny how francine came into the second and third photo to eat her butt.