I Killed a Zombie/I Love a Nude Suit

I had an unbelievable day at the Goodwill bins this weekend. I'm talking a hundred pounds of goodness. Here are the highlights with alterations.

First: an XL men's zombie prom shirt I changed into 3/4 sleeve, fitted woman's shirt. Here paired with leather shorts. Ahem, you have some red on you.

Here is a major surprise and my new love: the nude bodysuit. I'm assuming it's for theatrical purposes but, hey. I'm thinking I'll wear this under some scandalicousness. Including this leopard leotard I found. Here's some ideas:

Meowrowr! Channeling Jamie Lee Curtis:

Working out overdoing animal print (as usual):

Safe distance, there's a tiger underneath. I made this skirt today, beware:

The lady will have two tickets to the gun show.

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