Tale of Langlitz Love from Across the Sea

Seems like many of my stories and projects are drawing to a close these days. Here's one of my favorites: a tale of love of leather in two countries. I found a BEAUTIFUL antique motorcycle Langlitz Leather jacket and pants from the 1950's last month and sold it online to a very rad lady named Marimo (coolest name ever. Look at these little guys eek! algae pets!) [[Sorry, Marimo if you are hating on the precious moss balls, I just love them]]

Today, Marimo sent me pictures of herself in her new leather! And it fits perfect. I'm soooooooo stoked on this cross continental exchange. It's brought together my three loves, vintage fashion, leather and Japan. Isn't this to die for cuteness? I mean cute as is this chick is rolling tough in some serious street armor.

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DRWiener said...

WOW - Look how happy she is! THis makes me soooooo happy! Weeeeee.