Lo-Fi Shoe Fetish Spy

Zana from Garbage dress posted this. LOVE it. Her shoes are kinda perfect and I'm now totally obsessed with Martin Margiela now. His shows are kookoo nutballs.

The cast in order of appearance:
Martin Margiela, IXOS, Martin Margiela, Martin Margiela, Veronique Branquinho, DIY for LURVE magazine shoot, Martin Margiela, Jeffrey Campbell, Jeffrey Campbell, Vintage, Paco Gil, Fiorentini + Baker, Frye, Report, Bottega Veneta, Vintage + DIY

I especially dig Martin Margiela's S/S 2009. I want to jump inside this world and stay there.

This is from Nathan's blog ArtThrob by Mudcole director/fetishist/artist (???). To me it's all about sick-sexy shoe voyeurism taken to another level. Like "I love it so much I want to smash it into a thousand pieces" kind of passion.

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