Screwed, Blued and Tattooed

Two things
1. I got a tattoo retouched/modified today. The classic heart+arrow sitch-e-ation. [Notice Francine blob on the bed-as always]

2. I got this in the mail today. Thanks for the gift. It's amazing. The glass broke in shipping but I took it in to get fixed today.

Relax peeps. It's found animal pieces (roadkill?) or parts not used by taxidermists. Here it is on my shelves of insanity.

from left to right: top row: T. McPherson Bubble Yucky Dunny, Qee and Junko Mizuno Qee, Loved to Death Curio Cabinet (behind cabinet) Two Ton Boa screenprinted 12", Marion Peck "I Cari Estini", Mark Ryden penant
second row: handmade party hat by Holly Stadler, Ryan's childhood teddy bear, World Gang drum breaks 7", X "white girl" 7", SG playing cards, 3-D glasses,
third row: painting of Sophia and two mix tapes by her, 3 Scorpion paper weights, 2 hair curios

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