Why Is this Happeing to Me?

Omijesus. I go to my local Goodwill about once a week. Lately, I don't know what is going on but I'm finding the sickest gear. Today I found a bunch of black dresses and jumpers. I think I've doubled my wardrobe just this month. Goodwill, I remember the days I used to drop 15-20 and be boinged with excitement. Now what? I can't leave without layin' down a hundy? Can't help myself.

Today I found a pair of quintessential patent Gucci pumps with horsebit metal detail. They were a cool $99.99, 10% discount and $10 coupon. Let's just say a cool $80 because my bills are gonna wanna know where that skrilla disappeared to.

And these grey cinch/slouch boot for $9.99.

Here's my other scores this month. (Thanks Sadie for the silver and black pair!)

It's exhausting, huh? S/S 09 I'm ready for you. Hear that? I'm ready, quit it with the snow already. Sheeshles.

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DRWiener said...

The Luck Must be with you! You got some stylish Shoes!