My Favorite Smells

The Germans have it all figured out when it comes to skin care. Well, all of Europe really. Or, just not Americans is what I'm trying to say. Regulations are way stiffer against toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients. Yipee! No festering toxic zombies!

Weleda is my fave lotion, deodorant, skin cream, and face wash. Yeah, there's a little alcohol in it but...oh well. I'm in love with the smell of most of their products, especially, the wild rose. It's my smell stee-lo--smeeelo.

Not to be outdone, nature smells are also my fave next to Weleda. I like some musty hair and an appropriate amount of BO from the right person. My next fave scent next to uncleaniness is the scent of coconut. I'm crazy koo-koo for all things coconut. (see: coconut- milk, water, butter, cream and oil). I got a free sample of Sephora coconut cream body butter. It's the bomb dot com.

And, what? I'm a hippy. Yeah, yeah. My favorite perfume smell, hands down.

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