Ran into Andrea Crews today on facebook of all things. I followed the white rabbit into a computer wormhole of Art/Fashion/Activism/PerfomanceART. I'm so glad I did. If there is one disparate side of my obsession with fashion and styling it is placing fashion in a context of positive social change. Andrea Crews does such a great job show how to mend the fissures between indulgences and reality. By using recycled clothes and performance art and running her business as a partnership--very inspiring. I'm a life long fan starting today.

Very excited about the intersections in this kaleidoscopic video music/fashion/art/video. YESYESYES. Could this vid give Gareth Pugh+Ruth Hogben's AMAZING F/W 2009 vid a run for its money? hmmmm...different levels.

I'm buying one of her bags, like now.

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