Two Tone Hair Job

I was going to grow my two tone mess of hair out brown. Or whatever color it is naturally. Fuck knows I haven't seen more than a 1/4 inch in 15 years.

Then I saw this collage this morning and I was like, NO WAY. I'm staying full on dyed/bleach jobs until forevers. Staying true goth-punk style. That picture of the girl kissing Robert Smith (!!!) These peeps are my fashion icons.

Mind you, I wear a hair piece everyday now. Over teasing my lifeless, burned out pathetic hair into a tizzy. I want it big and crazy, and I want it now. I can get this piece looking like a hair hopper's dream cum true. I customized a premade piece by adding bangs.

FYI this is what I'm workin' with folks. I shaved my head in a panic, then rationalized it as my "Obama=Change Haircut". Now it's basically a hot mess and annoying the living daylights outta me.

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